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Hey you!! Thanks for dropping by! 

You maybe wondering who that hottie (left) is looking at. Well that's me, Cody and my wife Haley. We have been together for well over 10+ years now and I love her more than ever before. 

Over the years we have grown a lot and have come to realize that our moments are fleeting and we can't get them back. I'm sure that you have had a similar realization about how fast these major moments in life pass you by, sometimes without you really knowing what was going on. So when we had our first little boy, Coleson, I knew that I would want to capture these memories and the little personality that would be able to remind us exactly what he was like as newborn. So me being the man that I am, went

out and bought a camera. I had no idea what that purchase was going to mean 5 years later. Becoming a photographer was such a natural progress from wanting to capture my own moments to capturing the moments for others and educating people about the need for capturing their moments. 

You deserve to have your moments captured and immortalized in printed heirlooms. This is your legacy and it needs to be on display for you and your loved ones to see everyday. These heirlooms will serve as daily reminders to everyone who looks at them the raw love you have. 

As a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant your legacy matters to your unit and others around you. Let's make sure that your legacy is one that impacts the world!

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